work samples

With over fifteen years of client work, I have so many samples and examples of pretty much every kind of project you can imagine: from book designs to life-size cutouts to wedding invitations and everything in between. This is just a tiny dusting of samples, but if you would like to see something specific, please ask! I’m always¬†happy to show work I’ve done for my amazing clients.

identity & branding

Below are logo designs from a few of my clients.

 print design

Below are a few samples of print designs. Click through each one to see the full piece design.

event background banner


logo & product labels


annual report


logo & product label

promo mailer

web design & development

Below are some websites I have developed and designed for clients. They include informational content, portfolios, blogs, e-commerce and more. Feel free to click through and see them in all their world wide web glory.